October 4–5

October 4th
9:00 Registration
Introduction and Welcome Speeches, Concert Hall

Plenary Talks, Concert Hall

  • How C40 is taking strong leads in transitioning the Cities of tomorrow, Jesper Nygård, CEO Realdania
  • Disruptive technologies and solutions, Carsten Orth Gaarn-Larsen, CEO CLEAN Cluster, Denmark
  • The importance of creating new jobs and businesses in a collaborative way, Per Christensen, President United Federation of Danish Workers, 3F

11:15–11:40 Coffee Break
Plenary Talks continue, Concert Hall

  • Economic perspectives on a transition to climate neutrality , Professor Dr. Werner Brinker, Honary Professor Oldenburg and former Chariman of the
    Executive board EWE AG, Germany
  • Setting the national frame for ambitious cities, Professor Dr. Günther Bachmann, General Secretary of the Council for Sustainable Development, Berlin

Panel Discussion, Concert Hall

How to obtain climate neutrality: cities take the lead, Moderator Carsten Orth Gaarn-Larsen

  • From Plenary Speakers: Professor Brinker, Prof. Bachmann, Mr. Orth Gaarn-Larsen
  • From Cities: Ms. Paskali (Vice Mayor Tirana), Mr. Lauritzen (Mayor Sønderborg), Mr. Hornemann (Mayor Svendborg) tbc
  • Representing Youth: Ms. Madsen (PhD student), Mr. Gusani (student and climate entrepreneur USA)
13:40–14:40 Lunch
Session: Energy Efficiency, U101

  • Energy Efficiency in Electric Utility Vehicles, Dr. Siegfried Götz, CEO MOTEG, Germany
  • An efficient and cost-effective solution for heavy duty road transport , Benjamin Wickert, Head of Business Development eHighway, Siemens AG
  • Use of technology platforms to design fully customized power electronics for E-mobility, Thomas Slivsgaard, CEO CONVERDAN, Denmark
  • Material development for effective use of renewables, Dr. Thomas Ebel, CEO FTCAP GmbH, Germany

Session: SmartEnCities Network, Concert Hall

Moderator: Henrik Bindslev, Syddansk Universitet

  • The smart and integrated energy system approach, Per Alex Sørensen, PlanEnergi
  • The role of ICT in smart cities, Urmo Lethsalu, Eesti Telekom AS
  • Buildings as a thermal storage – a case study from Gothenbourg, Patrick Arvsell, Goteborgenergi
  • Integration of the hidden refrigeration capacity as a heat pump in smart energy systems, Torben Funder, Danfoss
  • Demand side management of electricity in big industries Valdemar Birn, Jørgen Johansen, Birn A/S
  • The Parker project – grid balancing with electric vehicles, Maria Nataly Bañol Arias, DTU
  • SmartCity Projects in Stockholm, Gustaf Landahl, City of Stockholm
  • The smart city as a business opportunity, Michael Kjargaard Hansen , Danfoss

15:00-17:30 Engineering Students-Industry Matchmaking, Atrium in front of U109
19:30 Conference Dinner, Sønderborg Castle, Riddersalen, Sønderborg Slot, Sønderbro 1
Over the bridge and to your right at the waterfront.
October 5th
8:30 Registration
9:00–9:30 Plenary talk, U101, Intelligent Energy Systems , Dr. Serafin von Roon
CEO Forschungsgesellschaft für Energiewirtschaft, Munich, Germany
Session: Participatory Approaches, M304-M307 3rd Floor

  • Participatory and inclusionary approaches to energy planning in developing countries- MENA SELECT Project, Ms Shahrazad Far, Bonn International Center for Conversion, Germany
  • Jordan’s future power supply – development of scenarios in a collaborative approach, Sönke Bohm, Europa Universität Flensburg, Germany
  • Key Actors drive local climate protection: The role of individuals in cities’ efforts to reach CO2-neutrality – Martin Beer, Europa-Universität Flensburg

Session: Intelligent Energy Systems, U101

  • Intelligent Energy Systems = Intelligent Regulation?, Dr. Dörte Fouquet, Becker Büttner Held , Brussels, Belgium
  • The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 – Future Challenges from a Control Theory Perspective for an Efficient Energy Management, Dr. Annika Eichler, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • Agent.HyGrid: A desirable way to design and build standardized and intelligent on-site software components for Smart Grids that are called Energy Agents, Christian Derksen, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

11:10–11:30 Coffee break
Session: Entrepreneurship and Smart Cities (IGEF), M304-M307

  • Smart Cities for Evolving Entrepreneurship, Prof. Jay Mitra, University of Essex, UK
  • Institutional entrepreneurship for more sustainable development in cities, Prof. Ursula Weisenfeld, Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany

Session: Energy Efficiency, U101

  • Putting Energy Efficiency first, Flemming Lynge Nielsen, Sustainability Director, Danfoss, Denmark
  • Closer to Climate neutrality with new Power Electronics solutions , Teresita Quarnström, RISE Acreo, Stockholm, Sweden

12:30–13:30 Lunch
Round Table: Start-Ups in Sustainable Transportation (IGEF), M304-M307

  • Mogens Løkke, CEO ECOmove, Denmark
  • Søren Munk, Chief Investment Manager at Insero, Denmark
  • N.N.

Session: Intelligent Energy Systems, U101

  • carpeDIEM- Intelligent Energy Management an Interreg Project,  Dr. Robert Brehm, SDU, Denmark
  • NEW 4.0 – 100% Renewables in Northern Germany, Prof. Dr. Hans Schäfers, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Multi-objective model predictive control for smart and energy flexible buildings, Dr. Krzysztof Arendt, University of Southern Denmark

Field Trip, bus will depart from the main entrance

  • Biogas busses and e-mobility
    o Biogas charging facility
    o How biking and e-mobility is integrated in the public transportation
    o Learnings, challenges
  • Green district heating
    o Strategic energy planning as the basis for heat planning
    o Heating from multiple sources
    o Learnings, challenges
  • Building energy retrofit with citizen participation
    o SØBO house association
    o Energy retrofit – energy savings and PV production
    o How citizens have been engaged
    o Observations, learnings, challenges

During the tour, there will be stops at demo-locations and talks with engaged stakeholders.

Side Events October 5th
9:00–18:00 Network SmartEnCities, U109
9:00–17:30 Doctoral Consortium: Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability, Innovation Lab 4th floor
The Doctoral Consortium continues on the 6th of October
Science and cultural center Alsion and Project Zero celebrate 10 years anniversary, a whole week of activities invites you to participate
The conference is one part of these activities. Find the  Program to SDU-Alsion week here. .