About The Conference

Climate Matters

What is The 100% Neutrality Conference?

The 100% Climate Neutrality conference originates from a collaboration of universities, municipalities and innovation actors in the Danish/German border region. Besides the University of Southern Denmark, which is represented by the Mads Clausen Institute, the Europa-Universität Flensburg, Hochschule Flensburg, ProjectZero Sønderborg, Klimapakt Flensburg, CLEAN, and Vækstråd Sønderborg participate.

The conference is organized biannually on odd-numbered years, taking place in Sønderborg, Denmark—a municipality that has thrived for CO2 neutral growth since 2007. It alternates with the 100% Renewable Energy conference in Flensburg, which is organized on even-numbered years.

The first 100% Neutral Conference took place in 2015. The 2017 conference, taking place on October 4-5 at SDU's Alsion in Sønderborg, will be the second one in Denmark.

This year's climate neutrality conference will focus on new developments and strategies. Attendees from municipalities, industry and academia are invited to enter a dialogue about the best solutions to reach their climate goals on city, regional and national levels.

What Drives Us?

Every day, the news provides evidence that climate change is having an increasingly strong impact on the way we will live on Earth.

Cities of the world are key, along with nations and regions, to finding a solution to this challenge. By 2050, the majority of the world's population will be living in cities, causing the greatest emission of global greenhouse gas as of yet by a large margin.

In the German/Danish region we take this challenge as an opportunity to act and cope with a changing surrounding.

We aim to bring decision makers, researchers and industry representatives together to identify future ways of reaching 100% climate neutrality.

Why Participate?

The 100 % Climate Neutrality conference offers an opportunity to update your knowledge, get to know latest developments, and have discussions with stakeholders and practitioners about how to achieve our common goal of climate neutrality. You will meet people from the region, as well as experts from other regions, to share your experiences with and come up with new solutions.

100% Climate Neutrality Offers:

  • Stimulating state-of-the art presentations
  • Meeting opportunities with experts
  • A platform to exchange knowledge with those that plan our future and with those that are the climate neutrality actors

Tickets, Pricing and Registration
Conference Ticket — 745 DKK + VAT (ca. 100 EUR +. 25% VAT)

Includes both days, all lunches and coffee and the conference dinner

One Day Ticket — 600 DKK + VAT (ca. 80 EUR + 25% VAT)

Includes 1 day, lunch and coffee and conference dinner on the first day

Student Ticket — Free

Includes both days, no lunch, no beverages

The conference dinner will be held on Wednesday evening at the conference location and is included in the conference fee.

Registration Begins on April 5th
Registration Deadline: September 27, 2017

Cancellation policy: Please note that registration is final. In the case of cancellation before September 27, 2017 a refund will be given, minus a fee of 190 DKK (ca. 25 EUR).

Hotel cancellations have to be done directly at the hotel.

The Organizers
Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Horst-Günter Rubahn
Director, Mads Clausen Institute

Prof. Dr. Olaf Hohmeyer
Energy and Environmental Management, Europa-Universität Flensburg

Peter Rathje
Managing Director ProjectZero, Sønderborg

Martin Beer
Management Climate Protection for the Town of Flensburg

Prof. Dr. Dirk Ludewig
Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Hochschule Flensburg

Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Katharina Rubahn, MCI/SDU
Klaus Jørgensen, Vækstråd Sønderborg
Anne Blume Nielsen, Vækstråd Sønderborg
Sönke Bohm, EUF Flensburg

Contact Info:
  • Katharina Rubahn
  • +45 65 50 12 24
  • University of Southern Denmark
    Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg